In an activated nutshell, The Paleo Way is literally the most natural dietary approach on earth, and the one most likely to support optimum physical and emotional health for the best quality of life.

This site is the free guide for anyone wanting to go paleo, is interested in a paleo lifestyle, or just wants to learn more.

So what is paleo?

So what is paleo?

The place to learn about all things paleo and the steps involved to embrace a happier and healthier lifestyle…

How it works

Our expertsare here to guide you

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Your first step into a wider world

What is our 10 Week Activation Program?

Our program is an introduction to a new way of living that will set you up for the rest of your life (and it's all FREE!).


Hundreds of delicious and simple recipes for you to cook at home.

Meal Plans

Comprehensive meal plans and shopping lists. All your meals sorted!


Paleo-tailored fitness workouts for all levels with step-by-step instructions.


Expert articles to empower your mind plus guest interviews from around the world.


Discover how to be the best version of yourself with daily meditation and motivators.

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The Complete Gut Health Cookbook Out Now!

With more and more research pointing to gut health as a leading factor in overall wellbeing, the way we eat has never been more important.


Coeliac Disease Type 1 Diabetes Rheumatoid Arthritis Crohn's?

We have designed our 10 Week Program to be suitable for those following an autoimmune protocol, to help you on your journey to better health.


Don’t take our word for it…

We love sharing our Tribe’s success stories and hope to share in yours too!

Gary, 49
Public Servant

"Within weeks my Crohn’s disease symptoms slowed down… then they stopped completely."

Ruby, 14
Year 10 Student

“My energy levels, overall happiness and confidence have changed incredibly!”

Tonya, 41
Beauty Therapist

“I went from an overweight smoker to a healthy, happy, marathon runner!”

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