In this modern day and age, we are so switched on technologically. From advanced computers in our home, to numerous hand-held devices allowing us to connect worldwide in a way like never before.

In this modern day and age, we are so switched on technologically. From advanced computers in our home, to numerous hand-held devices allowing us to connect worldwide in a way […]

The popularity of social media connectivity has risen ten fold, and each and every day people roll over in bed and check several social media accounts before saying good morning to their partner. Before this advancement in communications online, we were far less able to share our every thought, feeling and meal with whoever happened to want to listen. 10 years ago I would have had to call you on the phone and explain my breakfast in great detail, but today I simply upload a pic and its popularity and reach is measured by its likes and comments, from both a combination of friends and strangers, which puts us in interesting territory.

Along with this transparency of how we live our lives through various online platforms, comes vulnerability and exposure to criticism, judgment and at times, harassment. In particular what can really draw peoples attention, both good and bad is food, diet and health related posts. Here at The Paleo Way our team are no strangers to public backlash in the social media world for our passion and beliefs around eating the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and avoiding those that cause us harm.

You see, not everyone agrees with The Paleo Way. And just because we read, study and understand the latest research of how we have evolved and what foods allow us to live to our full potential, doesn’t mean everyone has caught up yet, and is willing to accept or make the changes we have. What can result is a negative response from those that do not either accept, or understand our choice or lifestyle. And for anyone who is only beginning their journey to health and wellness through the paleo way, this negativity can sometimes be very disheartening and often upsetting.

That brings me to why I wanted to share this article with you. In this world, we won’t always agree on some thing. Politics, religious views and funnily enough, what we choose eat all come to mind. I don’t believe we should ever force anyone to eat a certain way if they do not wish too. Our nutritional choices are a personal decision, but if we give the respect to others to make their own choices about what they do, I believe we should expect the respect to make our own personal choices without criticism, judgment or harassment.

Bringing it back to social media, the truth of the matter is, #hatersgonnahate. There’s nothing we can do, or should have to do, it is their problem if they want to be that type of person.

You can either let the haters affect you, or you can be strong within who you are and your actions and rise above any negativity you might face on this incredible health and wellness journey.

I liken it to bullying at school. There will always be bullies in this world sadly, but what they thrive on is the victim giving them a response. If you ignore the harassment, they don’t get their desired reaction, so the move on hoping to cause a stir from some other innocent soul until they get what they want. Well my advice is treat negativity like a school bully. Just ignore it, and let it go away. There is no point wasting your energy trying to fight with someone that will not reason with you, as your energy is better spent focusing on the positives we have around us.

So what should we focus on? Well half an hour of reading negative comments on social media could have been better spent putting a stock on the boil. An hour of worrying about someone’s negative comment is an hour you could have planned your meals and exercise diary for the week ahead. And a day scrolling through social media worrying about what haters have said is a day you could have spent thinking positively about yourself, your body image, your health, wellness and future.

Put things into perspective, prioritise what is important to you and discard anything that doesn’t serve you, especially negative energy and influences from those we either know or do no know. Be true to yourself and see how amazingly your health flourishes. So turn off your devices, get outside, breathe in the fresh air and be grateful for how lucky you are.

Trainer Luke x

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