Signposts along the road of transformation

Signposts along the road of transformation

Welcome to your long awaited healthy transformation! By now you may be noticing some significant changes in the way you think and feel. Perhaps you are even noticing that your clothes are fitting a bit differently, or that you have a bit more of a spring in your step…Or maybe you are struggling more with fatigue and cravings at this early juncture. It’s all good. If you happen to feel more fatigued you may be struggling with the last throes of that sugar-burning metabolism. Please see my blog post on supplementation. You may need some temporary training wheels to get through the next few days much more comfortably.

Welcome to your long awaited healthy transformation! By now you may be noticing some significant changes in the way you think and feel. Perhaps you are even noticing that your […]

Be prepared: This is not simply about cultivating a transformation of body, but is also a transformation of mind. You are learning to greatly shift your way of thinking about the food you eat. You are developing an awareness of your own body and awareness of the way the food you eat affects the way you feel physically and emotionally, how it impacts the way you use your mind and how you perform in your daily life. You are beginning a journey that will leave you stronger, healthier, more self-aware and more alive every step of the way.

You are, in effect, reclaiming your Primal birthright.

As with anything, transforming the way you eat along with the way you feel and think about that, as well as transforming your habits and your body, mind and health is a process. It doesn’t happen in its entirety overnight, yet radical change can begin in an instant—the instant you make the decision to no longer accept the status quo and decide to truly commit to a new and far better way of life. In getting and using this program you are igniting a powerful momentum.

You really need to hear, understand and meaningfully grasp the “why’s” of what you are doing (or not doing) in order to fuel your motivation to make real positive changes in the way you approach your health—and (more importantly) sustain that motivation. Short cuts are seldom the faster track to real success they may seem cracked up to be. Attempting the “how” without the underlying support and grasp of the “why’s” will soon lead to a gradual weakening and backslide for you fueled by the inevitable social pressures, media manipulations, constant temptations, a fading resolve and a plethora of rationalizations.

Your old way of doing things will call to you. Humans are creatures of habit, after all. A mere desire to do things differently at the outset is not enough. Real knowledge can fuel incredible power. Knowledge is not necessarily power in and of itself.   The application of knowledge is power.   Knowledge is instead the steady fuel and inspiration behind empowered action. REALLY “getting it” can help keep you on the right course and make you unstoppable!

Think of this as analogous to launching a space shuttle. At first it takes incredible energy to propel you upward against gravity (i.e., your old habits). As you continue your trajectory, however, you gain a momentum that finally gives you the cruising altitude of a new orbit that is effortless. Reading and paying attention to the blog posts in this program can give you the high-powered lift-off you need.


So, what can you expect while taking the first steps toward restoring your natural functioning to its rightful homeostasis and vitality? In my years of working with many people looking to improve their dietary and health-related habits I’ve learned that there can be many potential experiences in the beginning:

Some of you—many of you, in fact, will breeze right through the recommendations and recipes and feel miraculously better almost immediately. Unwanted weight may well simply fall away and lifelong symptoms can quickly become a thing of the past.


The mental fog lifts, your energy explodes, cravings disappear and the perma-grin sets into place. Obviously, this is the response we all hope for. Many of you will experience this. Some of you may not…at first.

Some of you will really struggle in the beginning (usually anywhere from three to six weeks) with adapting your body to a more natural dependence on fat instead of sugar for your primary source of fuel. Just because something is more natural and better for you in the long run doesn’t mean it is necessarily instantly effortless and comfortable. There’s a lot you can do to compensate (as with bicycle training wheels) for certain potential issues during the process of your body’s transition that can substantially minimize any discomfort. We’ll talk about that in these pages.

Some of you might feel temporarily worse as you give up the foods you are not only unnaturally dependent on for energy but also may even be literally addicted to. Still others may experience other forms of discomfort as your body detoxifies itself in a way you may not be optimally prepared for. We’ll talk about all that, too.

Some of you might continue to struggle with unnatural cravings—not because you need the sugars but because some other uninvited and unwelcome life form(s) that are occupying your internal environment are continuing to demand that they be fed. –Truth is, sometimes the cravings you have aren’t even your own. You may need to find someone qualified to assist you in handing those unwanted guests that overdue eviction notice and help you show them the door once and for all.

There will also be a significant number of you that may suddenly wonder what happened to your appetite. –Welcome to the Fat-Burning Fraternity! Once your body begins switching its metabolic engine over from a reliance on sugar to a much healthier reliance upon fat as your primary source of fuel—once you are burning sizeable logs instead of mere kindling (paper and twigs) all day your energy will require far less replenishment. Cravings will tend to become a thing of the past. You might be startled at this change in you. Trust me, this is a GOOD thing. This is entirely to be expected—though it’s also important to make sure you aren’t malnourishing yourself by not eating anything (or too little). A day or two of this is OK, perhaps (useful for detox, as long as you are drinking enough water and resting more), but you really do want to pay attention to meeting (just not overly exceeding) your daily protein requirements.   If you let yourself skip too many meals this could start to cost you your lean tissue mass and proper nutrient intake, which is definitely NOT desirable.

For the average person the right amount of protein to meet your daily requirements and make sure this does not happen amounts to roughly 0.8 g/kg of ideal body weight of actual protein per day. Now meat and fish have a lot more in them than just protein (i.e., fats, vitamins, minerals, water, etc.) so keep in mind that one chicken egg has roughly 6-7 grams of actual protein in it, for instance. Most people won’t need more than 170-200 grams of complete protein (that’s 6-7 ounces US) per day. If you are a hard core athlete you might want to add another 25% to that, or so. If you are a growing child or teen or are pregnant/lactating I would worry less about limiting your protein intake and eat as much as you feel you need to.


Once you get used to the act of eating being more of a choice you make than simply a regular need to indulge in cravings all the time (because your blood sugar dipped too low) you will find it is far easier to make positive and healthy food choices for your best possible well being. How awesome is that?

For others still, embarking on this process can yield a curious combination of the above possibilities. Viva le difference!

As mentioned earlier, the journey to primal physical and mental health is a process…and the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Keep in mind that we’re always either getting better or getting worse…nothing ever stays the same. The important thing here is simply to keep moving forward in a positive direction, even if it’s only by baby steps.


You’ve already taken the first and second steps by joining The Paleo Way and are beginning to use the information and recipes in this program, so you’re already well ahead of the game. You’re on your way! How long all this takes anyone to get to where you are going obviously partly depends on your individual starting place. How long does it take to get to Los Angeles? Well, if your starting place is San Francisco it’ll take you less time to get there than someone starting out from Miami…or Sri Lanka. Know your destination—what it will look like for you and why you even want to go there. Know it well and you will better recognize helpful signposts along the way and be less likely to stray off track. Let the clarity of vision

you cultivate and maintain with your goals become your journey’s autopilot. Know too that the process along the way is every bit as important and can be every bit as enjoyable and enlightening as the outcome. You have this road map and hopefully the wisdom to use it. Have fun with the journey!

Note by the way that having a road map is not the same as having a GPS (more customized, hand-holding navigation). IF you should become stuck somewhere in the mud and don’t know what to do I urge you to call for roadside assistance (i.e., your qualified, trusted and knowledgeable health care provider) for more detailed answers to your own unique questions. Know that this program is not and cannot be a substitute for your doctor’s care.

The rest of your longer, happier life and the very best of your health are right in front of you and you have a wonderful, attentive and caring community of people around you here to join and support you on your journey.

Enjoy the adventure—and don’t forget to have fun with it!

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