What to pack on a plane

What to pack on a plane

Who wants to fit in? I like to fit out! What I mean is that sure, I might get some strange looks when I jump on the plane and whip out my paleo pack but I couldn’t care less because eating for energy, instead of consuming processed plane food, means I’m full of beans when I get off at the other end as well as not suffering from as much fatigue and jet-lag as if I’d chosen a sodium-laden airline meal in which I can guaranteed your optimal health is not a number one priority of an airline meal. My mind stays clear, focused and balanced so I can do better business or enjoy my time in a new destination, no matter how far I've travelled.

Who wants to fit in? I like to fit out! What I mean is that sure, I might get some strange looks when I jump on the plane and whip […]

Planning is everything
This statement is key for all of us who are committed to eating for optimal nutrition and wellbeing who don’t want to undo all the good work just because regular travel is a necessity. That’s why I like to prep my paleo plane meals a day before I fly so I know I’ve got lots of healthy snacks to keep me going. I like to prepare a power-packed kale or spinach salad with some left over roast chook and or boiled eggs, avocado, and some nuts & or seeds so that it’s full of antioxidants and key minerals, such as magnesium, that help my body cope at altitude as well as combat dehydration. I also make sure I have a small fresh jar of a fermented side dish to boost my immune and digestive systems.

Be practical
If you put effort into packing a nutritious meal the last thing you want is for it to be confiscated! I avoid liquids to get around issues of security and if I’m going long haul and spending time in transit, I’ll pack an extra bag of sealed nuts and you can never go wrong with some jars of quality tuna, salmon or mackerel as a good protein source. Security is strict so if in doubt its best to consume everything in the air between countries or states as the rules can vary wherever you go. Nic and I had to hand over some very nice biltong when we landed in New Zealand recently so do be careful and if in doubt, always declare it!

Diversity is key
By packing a wide-variety of in-flight food you can give your body sustenance, off-set the impacts of flying and enjoy tasty, nutritious treats that fuel your body and mind. One of my favourite combinations of plane-box ingredients are the aforementioned salad, a fermented side dish such as sauerkraut or kimchi, avocados, macadamias and some yummy homemade jerky, boiled eggs, jars of tuna, salmon, sardines or mackerel or left over roasted meats or snags. I also love seed crackers, pate and vegetable sticks.

Be considerate
It’s one thing to fit out – it’s another to stink the plane out! I try to opt for neutral smelling foods as cooked cruciferous vegetables can stink up an entire plane with the flip of a Tupperware lid. Try using roasted garlic or onion , instead of raw garlic or onion too if you want to get away from being that guy with stinky garlic or onion breath!

Cook with love and laughter,

By p

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