What’s next?

What’s next?

So you’re reaching the end of the 10-week program and you’re wondering “what’s next?”

So you’re reaching the end of the 10-week program and you’re wondering “what’s next?”

As I have been monitoring comments on the Tribe’s private Facebook forum I have found a common trend that I realize needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. The comments are something like this:  “Now that I’m reaching the end of the 10 weeks how do I go about re-incorporating all the foods I gave up for this?”   It’s almost as though there is some pervasive perception that once you finish with the program “now you’re done” and can get back to the way you are doing things before.


We set up this 10-week program as a kick-start to a whole new way of life, ongoing.   We start by asking that those signing up for the program give it a fair chance by fully implementing the guidelines and not cheating your way through it, or “sort of” applying “some” of the suggestions.   The point to this is to fully immerse you in a new way of being that has the potential to completely change and redefine your health in the best possible way.   –Merely partial efforts toward this end can only yield partial results.  We really ask and encourage you to truly commit to the ten weeks as a means of proving its greater potential.  This in no way implies that we are promoting some temporary measure designed to “reset you” in some way that will make you magically immune to the effects of your old way of doing things.   The whole point is to show you what is possible for you.  Once the 10-weeks have been completed it is then incumbent upon you individually to determine whether this has improved the way you feel and function in your life or not. If it has (and I would bet my socks that it has) then the idea is to continue with what is working for you and BUILD on that.   We are committed to providing you with new cutting-edge updates, recipes, education and all the information necessary that we are capable of providing to support your success ongoing.

I personally embarked upon some version of this lifestyle close to 20 years ago… but by no means did I have the sort of resources this program is offering each of you, and by no means was my trajectory to where I am now in my understanding, education or health either linear or simple.   As with any major paradigm shift or personal change, it was—and continues to be—a process.  I have also had the honor and opportunity to witness the healthy transformation of hundreds of clients over the last decade or two and through that develop and enhance my own understanding of not only what works for “me” (as an n=1) but what works for innumerable others, as well.   I have additionally had the opportunity since the publication my book, Primal Body, Primal Mind to field a tremendous amount of feedback from individuals all over the world eager to share the many ways in which this approach has miraculously worked for them…and at times been challenging for them.  I have also, as a result of my clinical work in these areas, been able to see more clearly where the stumbling blocks lie and what might be going on when a person encounters sticking points or questionable results.   My passion ultimately lies in the facilitation and witnessing of the genuine self-empowerment of others.  I have never been driven by ego or the need to be “right”.  I have always strived to be open and honest, willing to consider new information and especially committed to being as accurate as possible, given available information and evidence.   And I am more than passionate about “connecting the dots” that weave the fullest possible picture of the underlying truth.

In just the last decade I have also been a witness to a veritable revolution of awareness and scientific revelation surrounding the growing and ominous prevalence of autoimmunity (which the mainstream medical system is still largely in the dark over).   I have also been privy to the newer, cutting edge exploration of things like newly discovered genetic variables, our internal microbiome, discoveries in endocrinology, anti-aging and the emergence of Functional Medicine.  I have also been a witness more recently (and gratifyingly) to the scientific up-ending of the dietary lipid and cholesterol hypothesis (which government guidelines remain stubbornly resistant to relenting) together with new, unfolding paleoanthropologic revelations further confirming the validity of this approach to health and well-being.

What started a few decades ago as a robust body of research concerning the Paleolithic origins of the human species and the history of our early diet has exploded into an unfortunately commercialized movement of sorts… with all of the unfortunate trappings of competing philosophies, ego clashes and (at times) questionable profit-oriented motivations.   That said, at base, the “Paleo Movement” (as it is coming to be referred) is mostly a good thing in so far as it is raising our awareness about the foundations of our species (and how far we have strayed from what is most natural for us) and what it might take to restore our primal birthright as healthy, whole human beings living in harmony with our bodies and our planet.  There can be no fad in the Truth.  The real “fad” lies in what we have created and or allowed as an artificial paradigm and way of eating based on corporate profits and “convenience” instead of foundational health.


We have done our level best through this program to provide you with as much information up front as humanly possible to facilitate the greatest possible change in your health and well-being in the shortest possible time… but by no means is your work–or ours–finished. I’ve got news for all of you:  This is only the beginning.

I hope this isn’t bursting any bubbles.   I recognize that it was a tremendous sacrifice for many of you to give up things like sugar, grains, dairy, convenience foods and even the worldview that came with that.   One of the things that sets this program apart from every other diet and/or health program out there, in fact, is the fundamental and sweeping shift of awareness and consciousness that comes with it.   This is a program that truly “connects the dots” in a way no other health-related program ever has.   That is one of the reasons why this is so threatening to some—because The Paleo Way provides each and every one of you with the foundational and functional framework with which to understand and support your own health in a far more comprehensive manner.   It goes far beyond simply “losing the sugar” or “losing weight” or “exercising more”— It is truly an extraordinary and enlightened way of life that puts YOU in the position of being your own ultimate health authority.  

I get emails each and every day from people commenting on how they find themselves noticing things and people around them more. They walk down the sidewalk, through the grocery stores and watch the news with new eyes, seeing things they have never really seen before and noticing the state of health of other people around them and on the street in a way many find shocking.  They suddenly see just how out of control and compromised the quality of our food, water and air has become—and they want to become more involved in making a difference.  Not surprisingly, this shift in consciousness and awareness is anything but welcome to some.

Understand, too, that this philosophy and approach makes very little room for profitability by multinational corporate interests (or the government agencies beholding to them)–much less mainstream media advertising interests–and that this is increasingly proving to be threatening to “the powers that be.”   In fact, all major television, radio and print media is currently owned by merely 5 corporate interests—none of which that have anything to gain from this movement.  As such, expect increasing fireworks and ongoing criticisms in the (corporate-owned) media and other institutions.  This can be confusing to some, but in the end, positive results don’t lie.   Once someone has ingested the proverbial “Primal red pill” there is typically no going back to ignorance and these smear campaigns become more than obvious for what they are.

A recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Lancet just this year (2015) revealed that over 95% of the world’s population currently has health problems, with over a third having more than five health-related problems/conditions![1]    Furthermore, age 30 has become the new 45 with respect to the expected onset of disease.   For the first time in history, children are expected to have a shorter life span than their parents.   Is something wrong with this picture?  You better know it!  If all this isn’t a wake-up call, I don’t know what is.   Do we continue fulfilling Einstein’s definition of insanity by doing the same thing over and over again (with the same tired government guidelines) while expecting a different result?   Or do we dare to look at things differently and begin to take real responsibility for our own health for a change?   What side of these shocking new statistics are you prepared to occupy—or see your children occupy?  Do we blindly march forward like lemmings, entrusting our health to mainstream health authorities unwilling to adjust their thinking, approach and recommendations despite abundant evidence and research that just happens to challenge their profitable status quo?

There are a few critics out there insisting that this program represents too much of an extreme… but in my view, as I have stated many, many times, the extreme does not lie in a dietary approach based upon healthfully produced foods to which humans are the most genetically adapted.  The real extreme lies in the marketplace glutted with GMO’s, pesticides, artificial additives/preservatives, artificial (trans) fats, refined and processed Franken-foods and factory-based animal-source foods produced unnaturally, unhealthfully, unsustainably and torturously.  The “extreme” lies, too, in the frightening health statistics facing the Western world, the monopoly (and tightening noose) of multinational corporate interests controlling and eroding the quality of our food, air and water supply, and the veritable madness surrounding what it takes to simply find healthy, unadulterated food and water.  THAT is what is extreme.   And such extreme conditions invariably require some “extreme” measures for anyone truly committed to any semblance of health in today’s world.  We need a radical change of thinking and choices we make if we are to reclaim our Primal birthright.


Hopefully by now you have taken that proverbial “red pill” and have seen the evidence for yourself of what this way of eating and living can do for you.    You are undoubtedly convinced of its value and/or potential to transform your health, and the health of your family.


In the most sincere way, I see an incredible advantage for anyone seeking to continue their subscription to this program after the first 10-weeks have been completed.   Why stop now??  As an ongoing and ever-growing community, we stand a much greater potential to not only maintain our positive results, but also find even greater strength through supporting/inspiring one another and—even more importantly– invoking desperately needed change to the existing status quo that is the beleaguered health of our society.   Only together can we have the strength to stand up to “The Matrix” that would happily continue feeding us the “blue pills” of blind compliance and illusion as we obediently march together off the proverbial cliff.

No other health-related program on earth offers a fraction of what this first-rate program does for anything approaching a mere $50 a year (literally breaking down to literally a few pennies over a dollar per WEEK)!

–A small price to pay for positively transforming your most precious commodity–your health, I’d say!

Are you in?

[1] Global Burden of Disease Study 2013 Collaborators. Global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability for 301 acute and chronic diseases and injuries in 188 countries, 1990–2013: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013. The Lancet, 2015 DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(15)60692-4

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