You can’t out-train a bad diet

You can’t out-train a bad diet

“You can’t out-train a bad diet! Especially our kids!”

If there is one thing that can really make me cry, it is the over consumption of processed sugar. You see, I travel a lot for work, and essentially this takes me outside the bubble I live in. I am thrust away from my regular routine of healthy nutritious paleo cooking in the safety of my own home and thrown into the scary ‘outside world’ where fructose seems to rule every cafe, airport food court, shopping mall or supermarket.

If there is one thing that can really make me cry, it is the over consumption of processed sugar. You see, I travel a lot for work, and essentially this […]

What I often see when I look around can be unhealthy, overweight and obese individuals, couples and families, eating copious amounts of the white stuff. I don’t look and judge, and I certainly don’t think I am better than them; I simply wish they had the knowledge, willpower and commitment to living clean like I do, because I know how good feeling phenomenal really feels. And every single person on this planet deserves to feel fantastic!

Let me start with the above quote, “You can’t out train bad nutrition’. And until we accept this, and understand what it means, we will continue to suffer from the current state our own, and our kids health is in.

3 in 5 Australian adults are overweight or obese, and what is shockingly worse is that 1 in 4 Australian children are overweight and obese.

Excess weight, especially obesity, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, some musculoskeletal conditions and some cancers. As the level of excess weight increases, so does the risk of developing these conditions. In addition, being overweight can hamper the ability to control or manage chronic disorders.

So if that isn’t bad enough, being overweight and obese is only beaten by smoking and high blood pressure as a contributor to burden of disease. Thats pretty messed up if you ask me.

As a trainer, author and clean living cook, I hear time and time again that we simply need to move more to lose this excess weight, to burn off the crap food. Now as much as I would like that to be the case, especially from a business perspective as a PT, it just isn’t the truth. The facts are, the food we, and our children are consuming, are killing us, and what is awful about it all, is too often we think what we are eating and feeding our families is a healthy choice when it simply is not.

So, what is it causing these huge health problems we live with today?


And I don’t just mean the white processed stuff used for baking, but everything that reacts in our body exactly like sugar, more specifically fructose. It is referred to in so many different ways, but no matter what we call it, it enters our systems and turns to fat.

It is addictive, poisonous, and is in 80% of all products of our supermarket shelves. Our brain reacts the exact same way it does when given cocaine. And we are the ones feeding the industry, by buying the products that contain it, allowing big business to get away with polluting us with it. I could go on and on about this side of things, and I will, but not in todays post.

Today is all about THE KIDS!

So, why does sugar make me so upset?

Well I watched the phenomenal documentary called Fed Up. A brilliant film with a seriously powerful message. In short, the take away? We are killing our kids if we continue to feed them non-foods, packaged rubbish and choices of convenience that are lined and laden with sugar. And seeing what has happened to the food industry, the supermarkets and what we have been told is ‘good for us’ for so many years, brought tears streaming down my face.

It highlighted the journey of 5 kids as they battled the obesity bulge, and regardless of what type, intensity or regularity of exercise they partook in, they could not lose weight. In fact, they gained more weight throughout filming. All simply because of the sugar they were consuming. A terrifying sign of what sugar can do to us, even if we are moving our body. It was horrifically tragic.

So I write this to you today. Be aware of what goes into your shopping basket, and therefore is on offer for your loved ones whether they be family members, partners or your kids. If you buy it, and it is in the house, they will eat it. So don’t even put the temptation in sight. It isn’t good for you, and it certainly isn’t good for them. It is scary to think a bag of M&Ms has less sugar than a bottled tomato pasta sauce. insane if you ask me, so please read your labels.

For so long, we were told to maintain a healthy weight, we had to measure energy in vs energy out. Well ya know what, that is rubbish. because energy in, in the form of calories, can come in many different forms. So 140 calories from raw activated almonds will cause our bodies to react very different from consuming 140 calories from a can of coke.

No amount of exercise in a day can work off the amounts of sugar we are pumping into ourselves, sometimes without even knowing.

Education is key here guys! It is so important you know what is in food and how it causes your body to react and gain excess weight, If you are informed as a parent or guardian, you are in the best possible position to educate and inspire your kids.

And be careful, LOW FAT, LIGHT and ZERO options are some off the worst offenders. When you take fat out of a product, it tastes like dirt. What do the big food companies do to make it palatable? They fill it with sugar and try tell you its healthier for you. Don’t fall for it.

I will finish on this. Read labels and shop smart, but most importantly, use REAL FOOD, in its NATURAL STATE, the way it is deigned to be cooked and eaten. It can be easy, simple and delicious. No more excuses.

And be sure to check out my broth recipe – Poached Chicken in Chicken Broth – for a hearty meal oozing with goodness! Just click on the button at the bottom of the article to go to the recipe sheet.

Trainer Luke x

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