Have a question that you can't find the answer to? Contact us.

Have a question that you can't find the answer to? Contact us.


Still unsure about our 10 Week Program?

Why go The Paleo Way?

Because The Paleo Way is literally the most natural dietary and positively mindful approach for health and life on the planet!

We believe it will allow you to reclaim your health (physically and emotionally), revert to your natural beautiful proportions and achieve a feeling of energy, vitality and wellness like nothing else.

The Paleo Way is all about improving gut health via good quality multi-strain probiotics, fermented foods and bone broths (gelatin & collagen), and eating only fresh and clean, organic, whole and unprocessed foods that are directly health benefitting. It also incorporates functional movement and a positive mindset, which are essential for sustaining your health and happiness for the long-term.

Let the Program and the science behind it support you in making the positive change of embracing this wonderful, healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Join the Tribe today and take the journey with us to a healthier and happier you!

Is The Paleo Way for me?

Our program focuses strongly on the importance of clean nutrition, enjoyable physical activity (within your limits) and, perhaps most importantly, a positive mindset! And we believe those three things are not only suitable, but also important for EVERYONE!

We completely understand that not everyone is the same, so we have put together a collaboration of points to help answer as many of the ‘is paleo for me if…’ questions as possible. Please take all advise as general and always consult a healthcare professional wherever possible.

Visit our 'What is Paleo' page to view our recommendation on paleo suitability in regards to: Vegans, Vegetarians or Pescetarians, Food Intolerances or Allergies, Pre-existing Injuries or Disabilities, Pregnancy or Lactating, High Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure, Type I or II Diabetes, IBS, Auto-Immunity, Gastric Banding (or similar), Eating Disorders, Hearing Impairment, Teenagers, Senior Citizens.

Why is a Paleo diet any better than others?

Because the food and produce that we encourage the consumption of are those grown and produced with the most ‘care’ and are naturally very healthy.

We aim to eliminate as many of the toxins, inflammation triggers and digestion deregulators found in our foods as possible. We also believe it’s easy! Hence the Program was created for your support.

We recommend food that is whole, unprocessed, unrefined and naturally grown and raised; such as free range and/or organically and chemical free. We’re all about supporting local farmers markets where possible and eating only the freshest produce that hasn’t travelled for long distances, thus reducing chances of spoilage and using little to no chemicals during production and packaging. It is our opinion that these 'cleaner' organic foods are less prone to possible contamination with pathogens and chemicals.

The foods we particularly celebrate also naturally contain many important nutrients; including fish derived omega 3 fatty acids (esp. DHA), Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Iodine, Vitamin A, B’s (including B12), C and D, Iron, Folic Acid, of course Protein and so many more. All of which can be covered most adequately when following a paleo diet and lifestyle.

Our 10 Week Program

Want more information about our 10 Week Program?

What does The Paleo Way Program involve?

The Paleo Way 10 Week Activation Program includes a ‘Pre-Program’ (intro/prep) period before the ‘10 Weeks’ begins, and then structured weekly meal plans for each of the ‘10 Weeks’ (which are fully interchangeable). Plus we provide all the recipes, the weekly ingredient and shopping lists, plus expert health and fitness advice and motivational pieces from our resident team members, interviews with international experts and some informative blogs.

Pete, Luke and Nora are the resident experts, with many guests along the way. Experts may not be able to respond to all emails personally, however we have a dedicated team to answer all of your questions and queries. Please contact us for more information by emailing support@thepaleoway.com.

All content lives within and is accessible via our own unique online platform. The structure is fairly easy to follow. It does require a lot of cooking and possibly using ingredients you may not be familiar with, however it can be great fun and greatly health benefiting if given a good shot.

Some samples can be seen on our homepage.

How is the Program delivered? What’s in advance?

The Program’s weekly content is automatically uploaded each week within your Program and must be accessed via logging into the Program.

Each week’s meal plan and shopping list are available 1 week in advance within the Program.

When do we start? How much ‘prep’ time?

You can join any time to begin, BUT Program weeks officially start on SUNDAYS, including the Pre-Program (prep).

Your ‘Pre-Program’ time will begin immediately upon registration and Week 1 will follow immediately after a minimum of 3 days Pre-Program.

As Program weeks do start on Sundays, to gain the full benefit of the Pre-Program time, we recommend joining on a Sunday.

Here’s a key:
FRIDAY = 9 days prep before Week 1
Saturday = 8 days prep
Sunday = 7 days prep (‘Pre-Program Week’ officially begins)
Monday = 6 days prep
Tuesday = 5 days prep
Wednesday 4 = days prep
Thursday = 3 days prep

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What is the ‘Pre-Program’ (Prep)?

From your pantry to your fridge, to your mindset and motivation, our Pre-Program period will put you in the best position possible for embarking on a paleo way of life.

The Pre-Program provides tips for simple preparation, organisation and forward thinking.

During the Pre-Program period you will receive the ‘Basic Ingredient List’, which covers the staple ingredients used throughout the 10 Week Program. You will also be provided paleo ‘Foods List’, which outlines what’s in and what’s out for paleo. Plus we provide Week 1’s Meal Plan and Shopping List in advance! If you change any dishes within the Meal Plan, your Shopping List will be automatically updated. Throughout the Program you will also be able to see each week’s Meal Plan one week in advance, to help you prepare all your shopping needs.

Before making any changes to your diet or exercise regime we strongly advise that you consider your circumstances (including any pre-existing medical conditions and general state of health) and obtain appropriate advice from healthcare professionals wherever necessary.

Can I do the 10 Week Program in my own time?

Paleo shouldn’t be given a part-time approach. For best results, Paleo should be embraced full-time and for the long term (even beyond the time of the Program).

We strongly recommend that you consider any known upcoming events that may take you away from the Program as the Program strictly follows a set structure with each week running consecutively, from ‘Pre-Program’ (beginning) until the end of ‘Week 10’, and it should therefore be completed this way. However, we understand life is busy, so as long as you stick to the basic principles of paleo and the Program during time away (clean nutrition and keeping active), hopefully you’ll still be keeping true to the Program.

If you have a significant event coming up, such as an operation, it would be best to wait until after your recovery to start the Program, to ensure you get the most out of it. We recommend you seek appropriate advice from a healthcare professional before starting the Program, particularly with any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries.

What if I miss a week?

If you have missed a week or several consecutive days, you will be able to go back through your dashboard and browse through any parts of the Program that you have missed out on, however the Program itself will continue to roll on despite your temporary absence (i.e. the Program cannot be paused and it will keep running for the consecutive 10 weeks with or without you).

We strongly recommend that you consider any known upcoming events that may take you away from the Program. Always try to stick to the basic principles of paleo and the Program during time away (clean nutrition and keeping active).

If you have moved past Week 1 and inform us you may have missed time, we cannot compensate for that time.

What do I need? How expensive is it?

You don’t need much more than a functioning kitchen, commitment and a positive attitude and the willingness to invest a little in your health (via good quality produce) to gain from this phenomenal journey.

Paleo can actually be significantly less expensive compared to an ordinary diet, if approached knowledgably and mindfully. As you may already know, the paleo lifestyle consciously avoids certain foods, so there may be an initial ‘swapping out’ that occurs in your pantry and fridge – the cost of this swap will depend on your current lifestyle and what you may or may not already have.

Our 10 Week Program provides helpful and practical money saving tips to make the transition to this lifestyle as easy and as affordable as possible.

Is there Facebook group?

We have set up a Facebook community, for you to discuss all things paleo with the Tribe and everyone participating in the Program. As we encourage you to be, we are always open and honest and try to lend support and advice when and where we can. Currently this is a closed group, as we want to protect our Tribe members and allow a safe place for you to share your thoughts and your journey and feel comfortable being open and honest.

We’d love you to share how you’re travelling week to week as you transition through the 10 Week Program. Ask us questions, let us know which exercises you love, post pics of your favourite recipes or simply share one you’ve created yourself.

There is a lot of information out in the ether about paleo eating and some of it is conflicting. Whilst we do our best to keep an eye on it and try to ensure it’s always positive and true to paleo, with such a large and ever growing audience, we cannot be across everything that is contributed and so we advise that you view the Facebook page with caution and of your own accord. Please try to uphold our values and contribute only positive and/or Program related comments or info.

Please follow the link below, ask to join the group and we will happily accept.

Can I pause, suspend, postpone or restart once begun?

Upon registration for the ‘10 Week Program’, you are agreeing to begin it immediately, or from the chosen Sunday selected upon registration, and you agree to complete it within the set structure and time frame (prep + 10 consecutive weeks).

Whilst the Program cannot be paused, we understand that there may be significant events that occur in your life over the course of the Program. Always try to stick to the basic principles of paleo and the Program during time away (clean nutrition and keeping active). If you are eating out, just be mindful of the choices you are making. Our Fitness Plan is also designed to be flexible, so if you think you’re going to miss a day or two of training, all we ask is for you to get your body moving as part of your daily lifestyle.

Does access to the Program content finish? When does it expire?

The Program and access to its online content does expire once the ‘Recap Week’ (bonus week after Week 10) has been completed. During the course of the 10 Week Program, the recipes and shopping lists and other great info can be downloaded in PDF format and can be used privately after your Program access has finished. Be sure to download and save before the Program finishes!

Why have I received the “Congratulations” page?

If you are presented with the ‘Congratulations’ page upon login, this is because your Program has been completed. Access to all content associated with the Program expires simultaneously with the end of your subscription to the Program. We hope that at this point you have loved and positively benefitted from the Program.

I’m already 90% ‘Paleo’, why can’t I lose weight or improve my health?

90% is great! But that extra 10% can still impact our health. Being 100% paleo is not about restriction, its just about embracing good health by eliminating the crap and incorporating healthier alternatives to the things we love that are still just as delicious (if not, more so!).

Diet aside, there can be many reasons we still may not feel our best. Excess calories (especially from fruit); Insufficient fibre from veggies; Not enough fats to keep us full; Not enough physical activity; Lack of good quality sleep; Gut and/or hormonal imbalances (ie. thyroid); Stress and many other health issues may affect our ability to lose weight.

By following the Program, or a paleo lifestyle as close to 100% as possible, noticeable results are likely to occur within 3-4 weeks. Sometimes it can take longer, though, especially when we consider how long we have been a certain way prior to changing. 10 weeks is just the beginning and the focus should be on adopting paleo as a lifestyle and for the long term! Health will generally and often drastically improve over time.

Any ‘extra’ tips for making the most of the Program?

Of course! Focussing particularly on the below will generally benefit you during the 10 weeks and beyond:

– Drink enough water – filtered, and at least 2 litres a day.
– Keep active most days and enjoy it!
– Get quality, restorative sleep consistently + the occasional massage.
– Notice when and why you may feel anxious or stressed and focus on dissolving it in those moments if possible. Otherwise, practice relaxation techniques in down time.
– Eat enough healthy fats with most meals – is there still a fat phobia?
– Do the best you can to stick to the 10 Week Program – don’t allow sneaky exceptions!
– Have plenty of omega 3's, from fresh fish in particular (aids inflammation)
– Ensure you have broth and fermented veggies often for accelerated gut healing.

Can I do the Program differently?

The Program has been designed specifically to avoid inflammatory foods, drinks and their toxins for a period of 10 weeks, which we hope is enough time for your body to undergo or at least begin a massive cleansing. Lets face it, whether we realise it or can physically see it or not, there are lots of ‘toxins’ out there, natural or otherwise – especially in your non-organic coffee!

If there are certain things you cannot go without, the Program may not work optimally for you. We recommend following the Program as closely as you can so that you do allow yourself the best opportunity to benefit from the Program in its entirety. We are hoping to change your lifestyle for the long term, not provide a quick fix.

What if I travel for work, lead a busy routine or have limited time?

We believe you can still benefit from The Paleo Way Program or a paleo lifestyle no matter your occupational, family or external lifestyle circumstances. Eating high quality, clean and nutritious food will benefit anyone!

– Travelling - can be tricky, but take what ever you need. Invest in a cooler carry bag. Our team travels with paleo crisps and dips, sliced ham and turkey breast (resealable bags), whole roast chickens, chopped veggies, fresh berries, nuts and bottled water. Think outside the ordinary. Be smart with snacks and timing. There is always an option somewhere. If you cannot cook some of the meals, plan your time away and prepare meals or snacks and ‘Google’ the local shops and eateries that you’ll be close to.

– Busy Routine / Limited Time – It comes down to personal accountability. Everyone has to make time for his or her self and their immediate family in one way or another or we burn out. If you cannot make some of the meals, use the principals to make something quicker and easier, just keep it clean!

Remember: There’s over 100 recipes in there – don’t be afraid to look outside the ‘pre-set’ meal plans if need be; they’re only guides.

What if I’m ADVANCED?

If you are familiar with the paleo lifestyle concepts and feel confident in your ability to adapt the Program to suit your personal preferences or needs, please feel free to do so! We would love to have you on board and also to receive your feedback. The Program is designed to be a guide for all.

Why are some foods avoided?

Coffee is out to reset your adrenals – you shouldn’t ‘NEED’ stimulants. Plus if it’s not organic, chances are it’s a little toxic – Coffee is arguably the most pesticide intensive crop in the world! Try organic herbal teas.

Cacao – Left out also for the adrenals, but more to break ‘sweet’ habits. Try berries.

Alcohol is out because, as we all know, it’s toxic, high in sugar and can slow or hinder your normal bodily functions (like digestion!). Try sparkling mineral water with lemon.

Refined Sugar – rots your teeth, messes with your energy, insulin and adrenals (and in affect your moods/emotions) and its addictive! Try just to avoid it. Water, herbal teas, berries or nuts are great when cravings arise.

Milk is out because Lactose is not something we need. Also what other species drinks another’s milk? Milk contains ‘Lectins’ (damages intestinal wall), and the good stuff such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and protein can definitely be gained from plenty of other sources! Cows are also given huge amounts of antibiotics to counter the sickness they get from eating corn or grains… Why drink sick cows milk? Try ‘Nut Milk’ – recipes inside!

Grains are out because many of us cannot physically digest them, even if we think we can. Gluten is not your friend; it is made up of 2 types of protein that is terribly hard to break down and does indeed cause us inflammation and often bloating. Try Paleo seed crackers.

Legumes are out because they contain toxic ‘Lectins’ (damages intestinal wall), ‘Phytic Acid’ (binds to nutrients preventing absorption) and they’re really high in carbs! Try other veggies.

Fruits – Most fruit is left out (except berries and kiwi fruit) because the common fruits are far sweeter than they ever used to be (MAN-ipulation). Basically high fruit intake means we are consuming lots of fructose (sugar!), which messes with our energy levels, potentially moods and even digestion. Berries have far more antioxidants and benefits and are far lower in fructose than other more typical fruits (apples and oranges). Try berries or raw veggies! They’re often sweet and highly nutritious.

Food & Nutrition

Have specific dietary requirements or a question about the food in our 10WK Program?


Whilst the Program is designed to assist everyone generally, we do understand that not everyone is the same. The Program really is only a guide, so please feel free to adapt own preferences/requirements. Anything you cannot consume CAN be swapped or left out. Swap one protein for another (pork for chicken, red meat for seafood), leave out particular vegetables or swap them for ones you love (most veggies work), swap nuts for seeds or coconut or avocado, leave out the eggs, swap the fats and oils around, don’t eat nightshades.

Please feel free to ask us at any point if you need help with some ideas or suggestions regarding swaps, alternatives or leaving things out – we’re here to help!

Before introducing any of our recipes into your own diet and/or your family’s diet we strongly advise that you consider both your own and your family’s circumstances (including any pre-existing medical conditions and general state of health) and obtain appropriate advice from healthcare professionals wherever necessary.

Reclaim your health and join today!

So what foods are in, and what’s out?

When you join the 10 Week Activation Program we will provide you with a comprehensive list of what’s in and what’s out for The Paleo Way, and ‘why’.

The Paleo Way of eating includes grass-fed meat, natural fats, mostly fibrous vegetables and greens, nuts and seeds (as long as they are well tolerated) and some seasonal fruit.

We remove feedlot meat, pesticides, GMO’s, refined sugar and salt, fast food, and most other things that would not have been recognised as food to pre-agricultural human populations. The paleo diet tends to be essentially free of post agricultural foods including grains/gluten, legumes, dairy and generally anything ‘processed’.

Learn why here.

Before joining the 10 Week Activation Program and making any changes to your diet we strongly advise that you consider your individual circumstances (including any preexisting medical conditions and general state of health) and obtain appropriate advice from healthcare professionals wherever necessary.

Must I follow the pre-set meal plans exactly?

Our suggested Meal Plans are for optimum health and vitality and work holistically with your daily workouts. However, we also want the Meal Plans to be achievable, practical and sustainable so we’ve made it easy to change dishes throughout the Program. You have over one hundred unique recipes to choose from, so whatever you choose it’s going to be amazing for you!

You will find some meals to be light and others to be heartier and more substantial. In the 10 Week Activation Program there is such a variety to choose from – from salads to one pot hearty meals, to roasts or a simple smoothie. You can change recipes according to what you can and/or choose to eat.

We strongly advise that you consider your circumstances when following the program (including any pre-existing medical conditions and general state of health) and obtain appropriate advice from healthcare professionals where necessary and prior to making any changes to your diet.

Where should I buy my food?

Try your best to source your whole organic foods from a local and/or sustainable supplier. Choosing to buy meat from your local butcher, seafood from your Fish Monger, vegetables from your local produce store and essentials from your Health Food shop. This way, you have an ethical awareness of where your food is coming from. By getting the freshest, and where possible organic, produce available, you are also getting the most nutrient dense value from your foods.

How much should I be eating? What about snacking?

Generally we recommend that you eat when you are hungry, HOWEVER, when beginning a paleo lifestyle old cravings may interfere. We do encourage that you stick to the Program and snack only minimally.

For weight-loss purposes, we suggest not snacking between meals - at all! Instead focus on eating slightly larger meals, or incorporate a 4th meal.

Ensure you have plenty of good quality fats (animal, avocado, coconut oil) throughout the day, as they are more energy dense and also activate the metabolism.

If you do get hungry between meals try drinking 2 or 3 glasses of water straight, or eat a tablespoon of coconut oil (‘refined’ for less smell or taste). This will suppress your appetite, and either hydrate you well or give your body ketones to use for energy. If you are really struggling, take a teaspoon of L-Glutamine powder with water and hold under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. This will help support your energy while you transition to full-time fat oxidation (burning). Once your carb cravings are gone you can discontinue.

Am I eating too much or too little?

Instead or worrying about how much you 'should' be eating, try listening to your body and becoming in-tune with it and how it responds to different foods and amounts – that is the key! We generally advise that you only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. DO NOT force those last few extra mouthfuls down just so they’re not wasted. Either put them in the fridge, take them home, leave them or pass them on. Eating paste the point of feeling full causes so much extra work for our guts and can lead us to convert it to fat.

It can be tricky to begin with, but if you pay attention you will notice some foods make you feel lethargic (hopefully we have eliminated those already) and others make you feel energised. Some make you feel hungry still (again we've aimed to eliminate those) and others leave you satiated and feeling full and satisfied for quite some time. We generally advise that you eat when you are hungry and not for the sake of it. Once you become more in tune with your gut and body, you will learn to fuel yourself efficiently.

What are ‘safe’ snacks?

The urge or need to ‘Snack’ is actually something that we aim to reduce over the course of the Program. During our days we shouldn’t be hungry if we have had a wonderfully nourishing large-enough meal.

If you do need to snack, we suggest one of the amazing ‘Snack’ recipes within the Program, otherwise, a small amount of nuts, berries or even chopped veggies. If you really want to be strict, 1-3 glasses of filtered water (with lemon if possible) is honestly the best things.

Can I ‘swap’ or ‘eliminate’ proteins? What if I can’t eat seafood?

When it comes to the proteins in the recipes, you can really choose whatever suits you best. If you cannot have seafood, as most seafood cooks quite quickly, consider using other fast cooking proteins, such as chicken for example. If you can only have seafood, swap the other proteins for your favourites from the sea.

The Paleo Way Program does incorporate a fair amount of animal protein, we do not have designated vegetarian options, but if you're open to creativity and able to consciously swap out certain ingredients that you wish to avoid, such as the animal proteins, then you may very well be able to pick up some new recipes and enjoy the Program.

The recipes have been designed so that you can adapt them to suit your requirements and preferences - you can always leave something out or swap an ingredient and still result in an amazing dish! Get creative.

If you are allergic to shellfish, it can easily be avoided during the Program by using an alternative ingredient (e.g. fish or chicken) or swapping for a shellfish free recipe.

Do I have to cook everything? I have lots of leftovers!

If you find yourself with lots of left overs, we'd definitely encourage you to freeze these or use them over the next day or so in place of cooking other new meals - it will save on the grocery bills but also on time in the kitchen too.

Our Meal Plan is achievable, practical and sustainable and we’ve made it easy to change dishes throughout the Program. Remember: You can always change the meals around, add the ‘blank leftovers’ tile in place of anything and make the meal plans work for you, just as long as you are eating within the paleo 'principals'.

Are there coconut oil alternatives?

We use coconut oil for cooking as it has a much higher resistance to heat without the negative effects of other oils.

Olive and/or Nut (e.g. Macadamia) oil is the most beneficial to us when it is not heated. Used for cooking, it becomes unhealthy. Heating causes enzymes to be destroyed, proteins are denatured, vitamins and minerals become less available and a few other negative affects potentially occur.

If you cannot have coconut oil or if flavour is a bit overpowering sometimes, perhaps try using duck fat or tallow? These can have a great flavour.

Can we have spelt flour?

Spelt flour is one of those things, similar to quinoa, that people often debate whether it's ok or not. Spelt has been removed to keep it simple and remove all grains. The properties of spelt are quite different and considered to be healthier for us, but we remove it so that there is no chance of gluten being present in the Program. People are known to experience bloating and discomfort when consuming it (individuals with more sensitive digestive systems).

Why no coffee or alcohol?

During the Program we do advise that you give up coffee and alcohol for the full 10 weeks, just to give your body a chance to cleanse and reset and then see how you feel at the end of it all. Coffee is physically very taxing on our adrenal glands and Alcohol is toxic.

They might be hard to give up during the Program, but here’s some (hopefully) positive encouragement.

COFFEE - The first week can be terrible. Swapping it out with dandelion tea or the occasional organic decaf (either black or with nut milk) and making sure you stay super hydrated works a treat (for most). Organic Decaf will not have the caffeine affects of a standard coffee but it will have that same lovely flavour. Dandelion tea is a beautiful brown smoky flavoured 'root' tea that is amazing for digestion; having detoxing abilities it can relieve bloating. In addition to being a calming ritual or distraction, (whether at work or home) these should hopefully satisfy any cravings. Lots of water will definitely be a big help!

ALCOHOL - Very many people have reported that removing alcohol (even after only 2 weeks) has resulted in an improve sense of wellness, clarity, improved hydration and reduced headaches. The Program discourages alcohol so that our body's can be free of the preservatives, sulphites, sugars (a big one!) and other toxins that can be found in it. Almost guarantee that if you do not drink for 10 weeks, the next time you do will result in a huge headache/hangover the next day, unless it’s biodynamic. Why? The body will have managed to begin cleansing and detoxing and by hitting it again with what is classified as a poison shocks the body in a very negative way. We can experience a hangover effect just from the sugar alone. Essentially we 'come down' off it.

If you follow the Program strictly your body will begin to cleanse and detoxify; the desired result and key to improved health and wellness.

Any tips on stock and broth?

Here’s a quick FAQ about bone broths and stocks:

Q. Where do I get bones for making broths and stocks?

A. Any decent butcher. Speak to your local one. Try buying your meat in bulk once or twice a month, and then negotiating to have some soup or marrowbones thrown in for free. You can do the same thing with fish carcasses when you buy your seafood from the fishmonger.

Q. Should I buy organic bones?

A. Absolutely! If you can source and afford them, the nutrient content will be far more beneficial. However, always use what you have available.

Q. My stocks/broths vary from batch to batch.

A. Bone broths and stocks will generally vary considerably from batch to batch, but this is expected. The nutrient content (and therefore colour and texture) varies depending on the amount of fat, collagen and gelatin witin the bones and also changes with the veggies used. Any bones, whether raw or cooked, will make a great stock or broth and will be beneficial for hair, skin, nails, joints and gut health

Q. My finished stock is very fatty/oily and I don't want to drink it.

A. Once cooled in the fridge the fat will harden and settle on top and can be removed - but definitely keep it! Place it in a separate container and use it for cooking later - the flavour will be amazing. As you become used to eating a lower carb, higher fat diet, you may start to enjoy a slightly fatty broth.

What if I live remotely/regionally and find sourcing produce difficult?

The Program has been designed to be easy and affordable for all, whilst also considering that many of us live in differing regions with differing accessibility.

We hope that all produce would be available at your local supermarkets or farmers market, it may just take some extra consideration of the nutrient content of the product ranges and also some fun and creativity with swapping some ingredients that you may or may not have access to compared with those suggested in the Program.

Generally speaking, the Program is designed to be a guide that you interpret and complete within your own comfort levels and limitations whilst gaining new ideas about food and health. Don't be afraid to be adventurous in your cooking and experiment if you cannot source particular items.

Starter Culture – Where do you get it and is it necessary?

You should be able to find starter culture at a decent health food store (perhaps ask if they can order it in for you?) or there are lots of distributers online – just be sure to investigate them or confirm they are trusted before purchasing.

Starter culture for fermented veggies isn't totally necessary however. It does help and speeds up the process a fair bit, but if you can get your hands an organic cabbage it will be absolutely covered in lactobacillus (the good bacteria) which when mixed with a bit of good quality mineral salt and water (be sure to crush the cabbage in your hands with the salt to begin breaking it down) the fermentation will automatically take place - Just be sure to have the right kind of jar, either anaerobic or strong and air tight (no gas can get in). Instead of one week, it may take 2, or maybe 3. It also depends of the environment - needs to be about room temperature (or 22-25 degrees).

Nuts – Why do we ‘activate’ them?

Activating nuts removes enzyme inhibitors (the things that stop nuts from becoming trees). Activating them also generally makes them easier to digest – can be helpful when attempting to overcome nut allergies!


Unsure if you’ll be able to do the exercises in our 10WK Program?

What’s involved in the fitness aspect of the Program?

Our 10 Week Activation Program features 6 days of training per week. But don’t fret! Although it sounds like a lot, it is only a guide and there are a variety of options for you.

Luke’s exercise program is designed for all fitness levels, from beginners to seasoned trainers. The program includes step-by-step instructions, photos and videos to make it as easy as possible. Luke’s program aims to increase your energy, lean muscle mass and strength, and to help you lose body fat in conjunction with the amazing food you’ll consume.

We also understand it can be difficult to juggle a busy schedule, so all we hope is for you to get your body moving in some way as part of your daily lifestyle. We encourage approximately 30 minutes of enjoyable exercise per day.

No special equipment is needed for Luke’s Program. Some exercises allow you to add extra weight, e.g. using household items or purchased equipment, but this is optional.

Please note: if you are unsure about your state of health and fitness or if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries, we recommend you seek appropriate advice from a healthcare or physiology professional before starting any new Program. Similarly, if you struggle with any physical aspect of the program we recommend you seek appropriate professional advice before continuing any further. A fitness, physiology or healthcare professional may be able to assist you in adapting the program to suit your particular circumstances.

Join the Tribe today!

Can I follow my own fitness routine?

Absolutely! The Program’s workouts have been designed to best guide people at all fitness levels, therefore it may not particularly suit you. It does incorporate total body movement, cardiovascular and anaerobic exercise that compliments a Paleo eating plan. If you would prefer to continue your personal training regime, we welcome you to do so, as long as you’re always safe and enjoy what you’re doing!

If you are at a more advanced fitness level, chances are you already follow a particular training routine or style. Try making Luke’s workouts more challenging by setting a time challenge, doubling the rounds or adding weight where safe and practical (i.e. a kettle bell for squats).

What can I do if I find the exercise too difficult or have injuries?

Regarding the fitness aspect of the Program, Luke always encourages that you move your body physically in a way that is challenging but more importantly enjoyable to you! If you cannot do some of the exercises suggested, but you have access to a pool or safe swimming water, easy walking/jogging tracks or anything else that you might enjoy, then it is always recommended that you choose those more personally enjoyed physical activities.

With Luke's exercises there is no time pressure or set expectations. If you can only manage a few of the movements and would like to start off slowly, that is totally fine. You could also mix and match to make your own routine, or get together with some friends and keep motivated by doing what you enjoy.

Perhaps your personal goal by the end of the 10 weeks is to be able to master some, most or all of the exercises, and that is definitely something we would encourage you to work towards. Just be safe doing it. Always feel free to do what suits you to keep yourself moving and motivated.

TABATA – What is it and what is the ‘core’ part?

Tabata runs through from the ‘Thruster’ to the ‘Sprawls’ and the core part comes in with the ‘Sit-ups’ after the rest. You can also plank for additional core strengthening.

Tabata is against the clock while you try to complete as many reps as possible. This quickly raises your heart rate whilst achieving great hormonal and metabolic affects. Your metabolism should be increased for the rest of the day!

Start gradually and increase, as you are able. Initially 5 minutes might be more than enough. If you are already in shape this will be easier, so just challenge yourself more by adding more sets or reps, or a hill. Always stay safe though and know your limits.

When you’re done you should be gasping for breath whether from 1 minute, 5 or even 25. It’s how you feel that counts, NOT how many reps you did or how long you trained. Next time you will improve!


Not sure if Paleo is right for you?

Medical Disclaimer

Before making any changes to your diet or exercise regime we strongly advise that you consider your circumstances (including age, pregnant, diabetes, allergies, food intolerances, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or any other pre-existing medical conditions as well as your general state of health) and obtain appropriate advice from healthcare professionals wherever necessary.

Please always consult your doctor or a medical professional before embarking on any new diet or lifestyle change, such as The Paleo Way. If you think you may have difficulty with the Program's diet or exercise recommendations, have a pre-existing medical issue or allergies, are pregnant or may need specialist advice from a medical expert, we suggest that you speak to a relevant health professional about these concerns or circumstances.

Who do I ask ‘specialist’ questions to?

Some questions are beyond our scope here at The Paleo Way and best answered by a health professional near you.

Whilst our Program is designed to assist in improving health and wellbeing for anyone, we provide guidance and inspiration but are not in a position to legally offer personalised health advice or care. Please consider this and always consult your health care professional before deciding to join the Program.

Are there health risks to Paleo?

You should always consult with a knowledgeable and qualified healthcare provider, familiar with your situation, before undertaking any radical change in diet. Particularly if you have any health-related conditions, we strongly advise you seek medical advice before you start the program.
Even a positive change can be discombobulating temporarily to some, and may require closer monitoring or special modifications to the transition, for greater comfort and ease. Anyone with gallstones or who may be prone to these and/or biliary attacks needs to get to the bottom of and resolve these issues before engaging in a dietary approach higher in even extremely healthy natural fats. Otherwise, it is the most natural approach to eating in human history.

Can I do Paleo if I have an Auto-Immune disease?

If you suffer from an Autoimmune disease we strongly advise that you get in touch with your healthcare professional prior to starting The Paleo Way, so that progress can be monitored and guidance provided for any adjustments made to suit your individual state.

Autoimmune diseases are multifactorial in their causes, however some research is now suggesting a Paleo based diet may help autoimmune conditions and improve the underlying imbalance of gut micro-flora. The gut micro-flora has significant effects on gut and immune function. Monitoring by a medical professional of the dosages of any medications you are on is also strongly recommended.

Will I lose weight going The Paleo Way?

Weight loss is a fantastic and very common outcome of a Paleo lifestyle, but here at The Paleo Way we aim to shift our focus away from weight loss, or gain, as the primary goal. We do this because we want you to focus on inner-health first and believe that your natural beautiful weight will be achieved in addition to improved health, rather than before it.

Adopting the bigger-picture paleo lifestyle incorporates not just what we eat, but also how we think as factors in our success. Plus, as well as weight loss, there are so many other amazing benefits that can be experienced.
Our observation is that the people getting the best overall results and achieving their goal weights with this LIFESTYLE are those focusing on enjoying the process; by finding and preparing the most nourishing healthy meals, doing enjoyable and challenging exercise or activities regularly and staying social. With improved inner-health and happiness generally comes the achievement of our natural weight.

Just remember… Weight loss is not the goal – Health, Happiness and Vitality are!

Apart from food, why else can’t I lose weight?

Diet aside, there can be many reasons. Excess calories (especially from fruit); Insufficient fibre from veggies; Not enough fats to keep us full; Not enough physical activity; Lack of good quality sleep; Gut and/or hormonal imbalances (ie. thyroid); Stress and many other health issues may affect our ability to lose weight.

By following the Program, or a paleo lifestyle, noticeable results are likely to occur around the 3-4 week mark. Sometimes it can take longer, though. 10 weeks is just the beginning and the focus should be on adopting paleo as a lifestyle and for the long term! Health will generally and often drastically improve over time.

‘Gaining’ weight – Will I / Why am I / How can I?

Following a paleo lifestyle, we’ve found that we typically revert to our natural beautiful weights over time.

Chances are you will lose weight before you gain it – but sometimes we develop new muscle much faster than we may realise. If you’re weight fluctuates or increases, chances are new muscle is building faster than fat is reducing. Remember that muscle is always heavier than fat. Don’t be alarmed if you gain weight (unless it is extreme), as it may be necessary for your body to develop new muscle first so that excess fat may then be burnt or used more efficiency.

If you are trying to gain weight, try upping the portion sizes generally, but also add some extra good quality fats! Snacking will activate the metabolism, so larger meals with higher fat will be the key!

Fatigued a few weeks in?

People can expect to experience some fatigue or irritability when transitioning their dietary habits, and the Week 3 mark for these heavy feelings is about average. You may find you do not have the same energy for exercise. This is usually due to your body detoxing. If you’re only a few weeks in, just have patience, as you should generally start to feel amazing soon! Your body is cleaning house now that it no longer has to deal with the additional toxic load — so it may be clearing toxins that are years old! These old toxins may have been ‘sidelined’ until now. Generally you will improve over time. We seem to feel worse before we start to really feel better.

Possibly you are still gradually becoming more fat-adapted for energy, swapping from sugar burning to fat burning. Feeling a little fatigued after eliminating coffee, sugar, alcohol, wheat, dairy, soy and processed foods is typically a sign you are improving.

To gain more energy, what we would recommend is carefully upping your overall food intake - particularly good quality fats, clean proteins and green veggies. If you feel you are having enough fats, try upping the other groups. Snack on veggies! We recommend you stay away from additional carbs or starches, as this could interrupt your body’s use of fat for energy (the ultimate goal).

Why would I not be feeling well? (Headaches / Tired / Irritable / Aches)

As mentioned, people can often experience some fatigue or irritability when changing their diet. Other not-uncommon symptoms may include mild joint pain, a foggy-headed feeling, diarrhoea, waking up at night etc. These generally pass after a week or two, and we believe it’s important that you stick to the Program during these times.

If after 2 weeks you are still not feeling well, or you began the Program with any pre-existing medical conditions, please consult your health practitioner, we'd recommend a naturopath in particular.

Here are a few tips to help get you through this brief period:

– Drink plenty of filtered water, coconut water, and herbal teas like dandelion, lemongrass and ginger, liquorice and any good liver/kidney support blends from the health food store.

– Be sure you add enough fat to meals, esp. animal fats, as these provide extra energy and help you feel fuller after eating.

– Add a little Celtic or Himalayan salt to your water first thing in the morning.

– If you are really struggling, take some Activated Charcoal once or twice a day and you should feel better rapidly!

Can I be pregnant and do the Program?

We strongly advise that you get in touch with your healthcare professional if you are pregnant or lactating to tell them exactly what you are doing before making any changes to your diet or exercise regime. Although we believe many of the dietary changes advocated through this Program could be quite beneficial, every circumstance and pregnancy is different and close, careful monitoring is advised.

A Palaeolithic-oriented diet has been in existence and followed by both men and women for more than 2 million years. Our particular version of a paleo approach to eating tends to advocate protein moderation for average adults. It is, however, important in this circumstance that a pregnant woman not overly restrict protein during the course of her pregnancy and subsequent nursing. When it comes to pregnancy and breast-feeding, we believe it is important to increase your standard recommendation for protein intake (0.8 g/kg of estimated ideal body weight — which translates to something like 50–75 grams of actual meat, fish or eggs) per meal by about 25%. Also, we believe that dietary fat and particularly fat-soluble nutrients plus extra essential fatty acids become particularly important during this time. We are also of the view that you may benefit from putting an emphasis on 100% pasture-fed meat and wild caught fish/fish eggs, etc. during this time. Traditional and (so-called) primitive societies often made a point of supplying lots of fat-soluble nutrients to both expectant and nursing mothers at this time.
Another consideration is the mother's immunity and gut health (during pregnancy) and the gut health of the baby once born. Some research is now suggesting a paleo-based diet may help autoimmune conditions and improve the underlying imbalance of gut micro-flora. The gut micro-flora has significant effects on gut and immune function. Some research is also suggesting that babies are more resilient to infection when their mothers (and therefore themselves) have less gut/allergy issues.

We also believe there are benefits in putting an extra emphasis on organ meats, bone broths, Antarctic krill oil supplementation (due to very high EPA and DHA demands on fetal brain development —potentially draining mom’s stores) and 100% organic/fully pastured/wild caught sources of meats, seafood, eggs vegetables and greens. As mother’s milk is an extremely critical source of medium chain triglycerides meant for the rapid growth of the baby’s brain and nervous system, we believe using a little more coconut oil in the diet could be helpful, too. Quality has never mattered as much as it does during this time. Also, in our opinion there has never been a more important and utterly critical time to avoid highly antigenic foods such as gluten, grains and dairy products (except for possibly camel’s milk, which is expensive and a bit hard to come by, but is generally safe from an immune reactive standpoint. It’s nearly identical in its total composition to human milk, and as such may prove useful where supplementing regular breast-feeding might be necessary, as well as a non-immune reactive dairy alternative).

If a pregnant woman knows or suspects (in any way) that she has or may have an autoimmune illness of any kind, a special focus needs to be put on engaging in autoimmune dietary support and careful management of this condition. With this in mind, we strongly advise you consult a healthcare professional familiar with this illness before making any changes to your diet or physical activity.
In terms of training, we recommend working closely with qualified personal trainer/s who are well versed in looking after pregnant / breastfeeding mums – to make sure that you are doing exercise appropriate for your current stage of pregnancy / breastfeeding.
Monitoring by your health professional is always recommended. Always consult your trusted and knowledgeable healthcare provider when it comes to making any major, sudden dietary or physical activity changes during pregnancy.

Can I consume bone broth if I have cancer?

Read our detailed article about bone broth, from our expert Nutritionist Nora Gedgaudas, here:


Having technical difficulties?

Where can I access the Program?

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If you are having trouble viewing content in your browser, we recommend that you update your browser so that the latest version is installed. For PC’s, you can do this via http://browsehappy.com/. If you are still experiencing issues after updating your browser, please try clearing the history and cookies to avoid your browser from ‘assuming’ details. If troubles still persist, please contact us so that we can further investigate your issue.

The amount of data you use in completing the 10 Week Activation Program is dependent upon the frequency and manner in which you interact with the website, as well as your network connection and phone configuration settings. We recommend that you check in regularly with your data provider so that you do not exceed your prescribed data allowance. The Paleo Way takes no responsibility should you exceed your data usage.

Why can’t I log in?

If you are having troubles logging in, often this can be related to a few things.

1st – Maybe you are still logged in on another device? Please be sure to logout of all sessions to ensure you can login to either the same or new devices the next times.

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If Login issues are not resolved via these methods, please contact us to let us know at support@thepaleoway.com

Can I use different devices? Or, why will only 1 device work?

The Program should be accessible via any device/computer provided you are not already logged in and you use an updated Web Browser. If you are switching between devices, please be sure to always logout of all sessions so you can login to any device the next time.

How do I view a previous week?

To view a previous week's content, please login, go to the top orange timeline on your dashboard and click on the drop-down menu. Simply select the week you wish to return to.

Clicking back will not change the position of your Program, so when you refresh the page, or when your log back in it will automatically load your current week.

How do I download or save content?

Much of the content can be downloaded and saved for private use outside of the Program. Items such as all recipes and shopping lists allow for PDF download via a clickable option on the pages. Each item can be downloaded individually, but there is no ‘bulk’ save/download option. The saving and downloading can only occur during the time the Program is active. Content that may not have been saved prior to the completion of Week 10 cannot be accessed once the Program has been completed.

Can I print items? What if I’m encountering errors?

All content that offers a PDF (recipes and shopping lists, food lists and other great pieces) can be printed, however items can only be printed singularly (i.e. one at a time).

If you encounter an error whilst printing, we suggest first investigating your personal print setting. Depending on your particular computer, device or printer, you can usually change the print settings such as 'margins' and/or 'page scaling' to be "fit to printable area/page" (or similar).

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What do error messages mean? Why would I have loading troubles?

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‘404 Error’ as above.

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If you receive any other error message or this info does not assist in any way, please notify us with as much detail as you can provide so that we can investigate it further and rectify any issues.

Why would videos not load?

Sometime our browser settings disallow videos to play correctly. Please try the following, as it often assists…
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