The 10 Week Activation Program is a free vibrant health, weight loss and fitness program, tailored to a Paleo lifestyle. Watch our video to discover more...

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Delicious and simple recipes

During this journey you’ll learn from Pete not only what to eat, but how to cook it, with hundreds of unique and simple recipes. All our recipes are gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and, most importantly, taste amazing! You’ll also find videos with Pete’s tips and techniques to inspire your cooking at home.

You can download all of the recipes, create your own meal plans and we’ll give you a shopping list to keep your weekly grocery shopping a breeze.

All-In-One Kitchen Appliance

Blitz, stir, mix and cook our meals with one simple press of a button. We have transformed our Program to work with your favourite all-in-one kitchen appliances.

We are in no way associated or partnered with any all-in-one kitchen appliances.

Autoimmune Protocol

Coeliac Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, IBS, Crohn’s?

The paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) takes into account that certain primal foods can sometimes trigger inflammation in people with autoimmune disease (dairy, eggs, nightshades, nuts and seeds), so we have designed recipes to suit those following this protocol.

Meet experts from around the globe

Join Pete each week as he interviews experts about the Paleo lifestyle, as they reveal their secrets for a healthier, happier mind and body.

Join Pete each week as he interviews experts about the Paleo lifestyle, as they reveal their secrets for a healthier, happier mind and body.


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Exercise for every fitness level

Whether you are just starting out on your journey or you are a seasoned trainer, this program is designed to increase your energy, boost your mood, lose body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and make you look and feel younger.

And what’s more, you can do your daily workout at home or outside!

Weekly motivators

Whether your goal is weight loss or to increase your fitness, Luke’s infectious motivations each week will help you set yourself goals that are specific to your health particularities, and stick to them!

Wellness should be a synergy between eating good food, moving your body every day and looking at the positive sides to life!

Enrich your mind

Keep up to date with the latest research and scientific studies on nutrition and health with our expert nutritionist Nora Gedgaudas.

The Paleo Way is backed in history and science and you’ll find Nora constantly sharing her latest findings on our Blog. She explores a range of topics in her articles, from why we shouldn’t eat grains to the benefits of dietary fats.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Join Annemaree Rowley, our resident mindfulness expert. Annemaree uses a selection of modalities that re-educate students how to move the body more efficiently, utilise the mind more effectively, escape the shackles of anxiety and stress and to function with more ease and confidence.

Wise words from some remarkable people

Pete has invited some of the inspiring people he's met throughout his journey to share with you some enlightening thoughts.

Dr. Loren Cordain

Scientist, Author: "The Paleo Diet"

Gabrielle Bernstein

Author: "Miracles Now" & "May Cause Miracles"

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Director: Optimal Wellness Center

Seamus Mullens

Award-winning Chef, Restauranteur and Author

Michelle Tam

Food Blogger, Co-Author: "Nom Nom Paleo"

Mathieu Lalonde

Harvard Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Andrew Gunther

Program Director at Animal Welfare Approved

Dr. Martha Herbert

Professor at Harvard University, Author: "The Autism Revolution"

Dr. Frank Lipman

Internal Medicine, Author: "Revive"

Dr. William Davis

Cardiologist, Author: "Wheat Belly"

Dr. Ben Balzer

General Practitioner, Paleo Expert

Dr. David Perlmutter

Neurologist, Author: "Grain Brain"

Paleo can change your health and quality of lifeBut don't take our word for it!

But don't take our word for it!We love sharing our Tribe’s success stories, and hope to share in yours too!

Private: Rocky,

“Life’s a very different thing for me now and I can’t remember being as happy and healthy as what I am now.”

Private: Brie,

“I remember within the first three days of changing my diet ... I was just feeling much clearer and I felt like I had a lot more energy.”

Private: Jade,

“The main thing that’s changed is that I feel better. I’ve got better energy and I’ve got a better outlook for my family.”

Private: Dianne,

“This has opened up a whole new world of flavours for me and a whole new way of eating.”

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Common Questions

All your questions answered about the synergy of eating good food, moving your body everyday and looking at the positive sides to life

Why go The Paleo Way?

Because The Paleo Way is literally the most natural dietary and positively mindful approach for health and life on the planet! We believe it will allow you to reclaim your health (physically and emotionally), revert to your natural beautiful proportions and achieve a feeling of energy, vitality and wellness like nothing else.

The Paleo Way is all about improving gut health via good quality multi-strain probiotics, fermented foods and bone broths (gelatin & collagen), and eating only fresh and clean, organic, whole and unprocessed foods that are directly health benefitting. It also incorporates functional movement and a positive mindset, which are essential for sustaining your health and happiness for the long-term.

Let the Program and the science behind it support you in making the positive change of embracing this wonderful, healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Join the Tribe today and take the journey with us to a healthier and happier you!

Is ‘The Paleo Way’ for me?

Our program focuses strongly on the importance of clean nutrition, enjoyable physical activity (within your limits) and, perhaps most importantly, a positive mindset! And we believe those three things are not only suitable, but also important for EVERYONE!

We completely understand that not everyone is the same, so we have put together a collaboration of points to help answer as many of the ‘is Paleo for me if…’ questions as possible. Please take all advise as general and always consult a healthcare professional wherever possible.

Visit our 'What Is Paleo' page for our recommendation on Paleo suitability in regards to: Vegans, Vegetarians or Pescetarians, Food Intolerances or Allergies, Pre-existing Injuries or Disabilities, Pregnancy or Lactating, High Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure, Type I or II Diabetes, IBS, Auto-Immunity, Gastric Banding (or similar), Eating Disorders, Hearing Impairment, Teenagers, Senior Citizens.

Why is a Paleo diet any better than other diets?

Because the food and produce that we encourage the consumption of are those grown and produced with the most ‘care’ and are naturally very healthy. We aim to eliminate as many of the toxins, inflammation triggers and digestion deregulators found in our foods as possible. We also believe it’s easy! Hence the Program was created for your support.

We recommend food that is whole, unprocessed, unrefined and naturally grown and raised; such as free range and/or organically and chemical free. We’re all about supporting local farmers markets where possible and eating only the freshest produce that hasn’t travelled for long distances, thus reducing chances of spoilage and using little to no chemicals during production and packaging. It is our opinion that these 'cleaner' organic foods are less prone to possible contamination with pathogens and chemicals.

The foods we particularly celebrate also naturally contain many important nutrients; including fish derived omega 3 fatty acids (esp. DHA), Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Iodine, Vitamin A, B’s (including B12), C and D, Iron, Folic Acid, of course Protein and so many more. All of which can be covered most adequately when following a Paleo diet and lifestyle.

Will I lose weight going The Paleo Way?

Weight loss is a fantastic and very common outcome of a Paleo lifestyle, but here at The Paleo Way we aim to shift our focus away from weight loss, or gain, as the primary goal. We do this because we want you to focus on inner-health first and believe that your natural beautiful weight will be achieved in addition to improved health, rather than before it.

Adopting the bigger-picture paleo lifestyle incorporates not just what we eat, but also how we think as factors in our success. Plus, as well as weight loss, there are so many other amazing benefits that can be experienced.

Our observation is that the people getting the best overall results and achieving their goal weights with this LIFESTYLE are those focusing on enjoying the process; by finding and preparing the most nourishing healthy meals, doing enjoyable and challenging exercise or activities regularly and staying social. With improved inner-health and happiness generally comes the achievement of our natural weight.

Just remember… Weight loss is not the goal - Health, Happiness and Vitality are!

Paleo is all about food, isn’t it?

The Paleo Way lays the foundation for a healthy diet AND lifestyle. Not only does it incorporate and healthy and natural diet, it also includes moving your body every day as well as being mindful.

Let the Program and the science behind it support you in making the positive change of embracing this wonderful, healthy and holistic lifestyle.

I’m already 90% ‘Paleo’, why can’t I lose weight or improve my health?

90% is great! But that extra 10% can still impact our health. Being 100% Paleo is not about restriction, its just about embracing good health by eliminating the crap and incorporating healthier alternatives to the things we love that are still just as delicious (if not, more so!).

Diet aside, there can be many reasons we still may not feel our best. Excess calories (especially from fruit); Insufficient fibre from veggies; Not enough fats to keep us full; Not enough physical activity; Lack of good quality sleep; Gut and/or hormonal imbalances (ie. thyroid); Stress and many other health issues may affect our ability to lose weight.

By following the Program, or a Paleo lifestyle as close to 100% as possible, noticeable results are likely to occur within 3-4 weeks. Sometimes it can take longer, though, especially when we consider how long we have been a certain way prior to changing. 10 weeks is just the beginning and the focus should be on adopting Paleo as a lifestyle and for the long term! Health will generally and often drastically improve over time.

So what foods are in, and what’s out?

When you join the 10 Week Activation Program we will provide you with a comprehensive list of what’s in and what’s out for The Paleo Way, and ‘why’.

The Paleo Way of eating includes grass-fed meat, natural fats, mostly fibrous vegetables and greens, nuts and seeds (as long as they are well tolerated) and some seasonal fruit.

We remove feedlot meat, pesticides, GMO’s, refined sugar and salt, fast food, and most other things that would not have been recognised as food to pre-agricultural human populations. The Paleo diet tends to be essentially free of post agricultural foods including grains/gluten, legumes, dairy and generally anything ‘processed’.

Before joining the 10 Week Activation Program and making any changes to your diet we strongly advise that you consider your individual circumstances (including any preexisting medical conditions and general state of health) and obtain appropriate advice from healthcare professionals wherever necessary.

Won’t Paleo be an expensive lifestyle?

This is one very common misconception about The Paleo Way. In fact, it can actually be significantly less expensive compared to an ordinary diet, if approached knowledgably and mindfully.

Our 10 Week Program provides helpful and practical money saving tips to make the transition to this lifestyle as easy and as affordable as possible.

Isn’t Paleo hard work?

Any change can be seen as hard work, but it doesn’t have to be! That’s why we’ve designed The Paleo Way 10 Week Activation Program to make going Paleo as simple and affordable as possible, by arming you with all the knowledge needed. We want to aid you in the transition to better health.

All of our content conveniently lives and is accessible within our own unique online platform and the structure is fairly easy to follow. It does require a lot of cooking and possibly using ingredients you may not be familiar with, however it can be great fun and greatly health benefiting if given a good shot. Remember, good health always starts with good nutrition!

Some samples can be seen on our homepage.

How is ‘The Paleo Way Program’ structured?

The Paleo Way 10 Week Activation Program includes a ‘Pre-Program’ (intro/prep) period before the ‘10 Weeks’ begins. You can join anytime, and as soon as you do your ‘Prep’ time will begin straight away (so please be ready to start when you do register!).

During Prep we provide tips for simple preparation, organisation and forward thinking, which we break into 5 simple steps. We also provide a ‘Basic Ingredient List’, which covers the staple ingredients used throughout the 10 Week Program, and we give a ‘Paleo Foods List’, which outlines what’s in and what’s out for Paleo. Plus we provide Week 1’s Meal Plan and Shopping List in advance.

On the first Sunday (after minimum of 3 days Prep), the 10 weeks begin. Over the 10 weeks we provide structured weekly meal plans for each of the ‘10 Weeks’ (which are fully interchangeable), as well as all the recipes, the weekly ingredient and shopping lists, plus expert health and fitness advice and motivational pieces from our resident team members, interviews with international experts and some informative blogs.

Pete, Luke and Nora are the resident experts, with many guests along the way. We also have a dedicated team to answer all of your questions and queries.

Before making any changes to your diet or exercise regime we strongly advise that you consider your circumstances (including any pre-existing medical conditions and general state of health) and obtain appropriate advice from healthcare professionals wherever necessary.

Isn’t Paleo just another fad diet?

If The Paleo Way is a fad diet, then it is literally the oldest health promoting ‘fad diet’ known to human kind! We are hoping to positively change and improve your health and wellness for the long term, not provide a quick fix.

10 weeks is just the beginning, and the focus should be on adopting Paleo as a lifestyle! Health will generally and often drastically improve following Paleo over time.