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For me the decision to join The Paleo Way is about creating a healthy new life style and to be able to see for myself and feel a little of what life is like for our sons.

For me the decision to join The Paleo Way is about creating a healthy new life style and to be able to see for myself and feel a little of […]

“Our boys were amazing... They started to sleep better, put on weight, stopped screaming, and our youngest finally started to talk.”

As parents, we make a number of decisions for our children every day, we do what we think is best for our child at that time. It is not always clear to the people around us why we made that choice but then these people don’t always know the whole story like we do. Over the years I have learnt this and now find it very important for me to remind myself when people give horrible stares and awful comments about our sons and us, it’s because they just don’t know.

Both our boys were diagnosed with multiple allergies and chronic eczema at only a few months of age. They were both put onto medicated formulas, started treatments and had a reduced diet from a number of known allergens. For the next few years we did everything we were told, seeing specialist, going to work shops on how to treat them, having regular test’s for more allergies, introducing new foods, but our boys were still not well. Our appointments started to turn a little negative with more judging type questions like if I was treating their conditions at home. My response was always the same, I was doing everything I was told to do but felt there was still something triggering their reactions and I felt until we removed it they would continue to get sick.

Unfortunately in this case mum was right and our boys were getting very sick. Every time we got control of their eczema with intense treatment it would flare right back up. Neither of our sons was growing, they were struggling to eat, as their food would get stuck going down. Our youngest even stopped drinking his formula for 4 days and with having all dry nappies we rushed to the ER. At night they would lay in bed rolling from side to side crying in pain, if I tried to give medicine they would scream, if I tried to pick them up to cuddle they would scream till I put them back in bed. We were living a nightmare and not shore what to do.

Finally the boys were put in hospital and given Endoscopy’s & biopsy. It was then that we learnt of a rare disorder called Eosinophillic oesophagitis (EoE). In some individuals, eosinophils accumulate in the gut in response to food and /or airborne allergens and can cause inflammation & tissue damage. Great so we now know what it is what is next, NOTHING. We were given no medication, and as their diets were already restricted they did not want to reduce it any more.

So as any mum would do I started researching, and found help from a great Naturopath whose child also has this disorder. We decided over the next few weeks to try all her recommendations no matter how crazy it sounded (what did we have to lose). So we removed chemicals & fragrance from our home, we also started to reduce their diets to fresh foods only.

Right away we could see a change so under specific instructions and daily diaries for each son we kept reducing their diets until they had NO symptoms of EoE. As scary as this was to do we had to give it a try and they ended up with around 5 foods they could tolerate. I remember thinking, “How will I feed my kids the same 5 foods every meal, everyday,” “How will they go when everyone around them is eating so much that they can’t.”

Well our boys were amazing, they not only started eating again but they loved it. They started to sleep better, put on weight, stopped screaming, and our youngest finally started to talk. It is mind blowing the change in them from changing what they eat. They cannot be full Paleo because of their allergies e.g. Anaphylaxis to egg and nuts, but they are as close as can be for now.

So these beautiful boys age 5 and 3 are my biggest inspiration and motivation to keep trying. They don’t get upset over food they cannot have, they may ask for a reason but never question it. They hold their heads up high with big smiles, are full of confidence, & are thankful to not be in that pain as much.

We still have a long road ahead of us but at least we have found the right road for us as well as some great support. I am looking forward to what else I can learn from The Paleo Way program. So, to Pete and the team thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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