Tonya - 41, Beauty Therapist

In 2011 I was terribly overweight, around 90kg, a pack a day smoker and I drank a lot of wine. But I loved my life – or at least I thought I did. After breaking up with my boyfriend I found I wasn’t in a good place emotionally, and I decided I had to do something to change things.

In 2011 I was terribly overweight, around 90kg, a pack a day smoker and I drank a lot of wine. But I loved my life – or at least I […]

Before The Paleo Way

After The Paleo Way

“I went from an overweight smoker to a healthy, happy, marathon runner!”

My first stop was exercise. Having not really exercised for years, I joined a gym and started walking with friends after work, which then progressed to jogging and then to running. Something clicked and I began to love running, so (as I never do things by halves!) I challenged myself to run the New York City Marathon in November 2012. I found a training program online and away I went.

After 16 weeks of intense training leading up to the run – including a high-carb, low-fat diet – I travelled to New York with my parents and sister. Unfortunately this was the year the marathon was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. I was devastated and I thought I had failed.

When I returned home I slowly went back to my old ways and regained the weight I’d lost. Luckily, I was offered the chance to go back to New York the following year, and this time I found a fabulous running coach, Erica King, who’s training method also included a Paleo eating plan.

I was unsure about what to expect as I’d always thought low-fat diets and lots of fruit was the way to lose weight and be healthy – and I had tried a lot of diets over the years. But I ate what she recommended as part of the Paleo lifestyle and I found that I had more energy, I recovered better after long runs and felt amazing. Four months later I went to New York and finished what I started – I completed the marathon.

When I returned home I continued with the exercise program but the weight crept back on as I fell back into my old ways with food, eating lots of bread, potatoes, desserts, muffins, morning teas… I also had a hip injury and after many months of not being able to exercise and eating all those carbs I felt bloated, tired and very unhappy.

By this point it was 2014 – the year I’d turn 40. By June I began to follow The Paleo Way religiously. I read about it online as much as I could, ordered all the recipe books and stocked up on all the ingredients I needed (which was often only possible on trips to Perth as supplies are limited on Christmas Island!) and off I went.

Since beginning to live The Paleo Way I have never looked back. My goal was to lose about 15 kilos and after a few months the weight just fell off. I’m still unable to exercise as I am waiting for a hip replacement, but even with just the changes in my diet I have found it easy to lose the weight. I now weigh 63kg. I feel incredible and am so happy that if I could I would do cartwheels! I have even convinced my parents to eat this way as well as my sister – I love it.

I truly believe you can achieve anything in your life if you put your mind to it and through some hard times and the information provided in The Paleo Way program I have changed my life. It has been a bumpy road but without the support from family, friends, my running coach and Pete Evans and crew I would not be where I am today. I look back at that girl in 2009 and don’t recognise her…

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